November 11, 2018

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery

Treatment Center has partnered with the Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program to help struggling addicts learn how to work through triggers in unique environments. Learn more about virtual reality for addiction treatment.
November 11, 2018

No Amount of Alcohol is Good for Your Health

Banyan Treatment Center discusses the findings of a new study that suggests that no amount of alcohol is good for overall health. Learn more about the risks and dangers.
November 8, 2018

How Virtual Reality is the Future for Recovery

Banyan Treatment Center explains how powerful virtual reality for addiction treatment is, and why it’s important to incorporate this technology in a treatment plan. Learn more here.
November 7, 2018

What to Bring to Addiction Treatment

Before beginning addiction treatment, you may be wondering what to bring to rehab. The treatment experts at Banyan Treatment Center explain what to pack and what to leave at home. Learn more here.
October 16, 2018

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Banyan Treatment Center provides effective mental health and addiction treatment for those who suffer from a dual diagnosis. Learn more about what a co-occurring disorder includes and how to treat both diseases.
October 15, 2018

Common Drugs Abused by Professionals

The treatment professionals at Banyan Treatment Center, an addiction treatment center in Pompano Beach, explain the common drugs abused by professionals. There are certain industries where substance abuse is prevalent. Learn more here.
October 4, 2018

It’s time to talk about Seasonal Depression

If you’re in recovery and already abstaining entirely, continue to do so.  If not, consider abstinence from the substance in order to help benefit your mental state.
October 3, 2018

Workplace Performance and Signs of Addiction

There are many signs of addiction in the workplace that an employer should become aware of. Addiction in the workplace is more common than you think, Banyan Treatment Center explains more below.
October 1, 2018

What is SMART Recovery?

Banyan Treatment Center provides a SMART recovery program for addiction treatment in Pompano Beach. Learn more about this approach to treatment and why it works.
September 28, 2018

It’s time to talk about Seasonal Depression: Expert input from Channing Marinari, LMHC

As the days get shorter, depression becomes worse.  If you are struggling with seasonal depression, seek the help of a mental health professional to determine the best course of action.