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Recently, WETA in DC and the National Alliance on Mental Illness hosted a virtual town hall to launch the “Well Beings” Campaign.

Speaking at that event was singer, Jewel, who opened up about her mental health issues.

At 18 years old, before reaching stardom, Jewel was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia (the fear of places or situations). Jewel was homeless at this time and was suffering from panic attacks so bad that she would pass out. Eventually after getting mental health care, Jewel’s mental health got better and she went on to become a Grammy nominated musician.

Jewel’s Mental Health Help

  Jewel sought out mental health help and discovered coping techniques for mental health that helped her to become the success that she is today. Some of the coping strategies and mental health therapies Jewel practices are mindfulness, journaling and replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

On the topic of her mental health, Jewel says, “Feelings and thoughts are like the weather. My tremendous anxiety, my panic attacks — not every thought and feeling is a fact. Just because it’s happening in my brain doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Learning to let it pass through my brain like the weather is a skill that really served me well.”

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