The Dangers of Boofing Drugs


For some people, getting high off of a drug couldn’t happen fast enough.

When they refuse to get help with an IOP or PHP, their addiction only gets worse, and they become desperate. They do not just want it; they need it, and they need it now. Because of this mentality, an addict may go to extreme lengths to get that high as quickly as possible, and that is where boofing steps in.

What is Boofing Drugs?

Boofing or plugging drugs is the process of inserting alcohol or drugs into your anus in order to get a more immediate high. Because your anal cavity has a high number of blood vessels and a thinner surface layer, substances inserted into this area are absorbed at a faster rate than with oral consumption. People can boof a number of different drugs including cocaine, MDMA, and alcohol.

Why Boofing Drugs Is Dangerous

Boofing doesn’t have to just refer to drug addicts. Some people boof drugs out of pure curiosity, but don’t forget that curiosity killed the cat. While drug boofing may seem like just a wild and crazy trend, it isn’t as harmless as it may seem. At Banyan Pompano, we want you to be aware of the dangers of boofing.

  • Damage to the rectum and intestines. Simply put, your rectum is not meant to handle these types of substances. When you boof drugs, you could cause tears in the rectal tissues or membranes. More serious problems can also occur such as the blocking of blood flow to part of the intestine, the unnatural death of cells, and even the need for a colostomy.1 For people who already have pre-existing conditions in this body area, their problems are likely to get worse.
  • Increased risk of STI. Boofing may cause damage to the mucous membrane of the anus which could increase the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Risk of overdose. Boofing drugs comes with an increased risk of overdosing because the effects hit you much faster and harder than normal. With alcohol specifically, you will probably consume it over the course of several hours and be able to monitor how you are feeling. Chances are if you are boofing alcohol or butt chugging, you will do it in one go, and the effects will hit you all at once. By consuming alcohol through the rectum, you have also decreased your body’s ability to fight an overdose. Your anus does not have the enzymes to break down the alcohol, and you no longer have the ability to throw up the toxic substance to eliminate it from your body. If your loved one has started boofing alcohol, our alcohol addiction treatment in Florida could save their life.

If you suspect that your loved one could be boofing drugs or abusing them, you should try to get them into our drug and alcohol addiction rehab in Pompano immediately. Do not wait until these health dangers arise.

To learn more about our treatment center and to get your loved one the help they need, reach out to us at 888-280-4763.


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