How Addiction Destroys Relationships

addiction ruins relationships

Addiction affects people around the world, and while it can cause serious health issues for the addict, it can also be the reason for problems in their close relationships.

Unfortunately, at Banyan Pompano, we see how addiction ruins relationships all too frequently. A marriage plagued by one or both partners’ addiction can quickly lead to divorce or a friendship can be destroyed when one friend hides their addiction. Whether it is a relationship with a significant other, a family member, or a close friend, the toxicity created by drug or alcohol addiction can be detrimental to these bonds. Though addiction ruins relationships for many reasons, you can take a step closer to repairing those ties when you choose treatment options such as PHP or IOP.

One of the biggest reasons addiction destroys relationships is because the person struggling with addiction often uses deception to hide their problem from their loved one. It is not uncommon for a person struggling with an addiction to want to keep their drug or alcohol addiction a secret. It’s likely they feel ashamed or guilty. On the other hand, they might even believe they don’t have a problem to begin with and, therefore, that they do not need addiction rehab. Some addicts may even resort to stealing or borrowing money from loved ones to finance their addiction, adding more strain to an already fracturing relationship. Encumbered by lies, deceit, and secrets, the trust withers away and the relationship becomes fractured, or even broken.

Addiction also ruins relationships because of the physical, mental, and behavioral effects that drug abuse can have on a person. Some common side effects of drug abuse include:

  • Social withdrawal
  • Violence
  • Risky behavior
  • Increased sense of self

Maintaining a relationship with a drug addict who is exhibiting these behaviors can be trying. When your happy-go-lucky child becomes irritable and depressed, they may push you away. Many people also turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with a mental health disorder. Those with co-occurring disorders are more likely to withdrawal and make it hard to be around.

It can be difficult to watch someone you love struggle with addiction and sensing the serious strains it can have on your relationship. Don’t walk away; you can get them the help they need with our Banyan Treatment Center. If you have let your addiction destroy relationships with loved ones, it is time to get professional help and make amends. We also offer faith-based addiction treatment in South Florida to help our patients reconnect not only with their loved ones but also with God.

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