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What to Expect During Partial Hospitalization Treatment


What to Expect During Partial Hospitalization Treatment

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, your road to sobriety will include a therapeutic level of care that best suits your needs and recovery goals. The first step is seeking professional help, and Banyan Treatment Center is here to guide you through your recovery journey. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Pompano Beach will perform an initial assessment to determine the best course for your customized treatment plan. This may include a partial hospitalization program for addiction treatment. Our addiction specialists discuss what patients can expect during partial hospitalization care and can help determine if this level of care is right for you. Recovery is an ongoing journey and long-term sobriety is possible with the right mindset and tools.

PHP Therapies and Treatment

A partial hospitalization program for drug and alcohol addiction treatment is established in a way to mimic an everyday, real life setting while still enabling patients to receive full time treatment and 24-hour care. Patients can expect daily group therapy sessions as well as individual meetings with a therapist on a weekly basis. The structural foundation of PHP treatment is extremely beneficial for those who need help getting their lives back on track after struggling with addiction. This level of treatment care has effectively helped many people to enter recovery from their addiction and transition back into a happy and healthy lifestyle. Patients can expect to recover in a safe and comfortable atmosphere that will be free from distractions and negative influences. You will have constant support during this difficult time and you will learn the proper tools needed to push through challenging situations in the early stages of recovery.

After a full day of treatment in a PHP setting, patients participate in activities that are outside of the treatment center. These include taking a walk through the park, going to the gym or relaxing at the beach. These activities aide in the process of returning to everyday life and we encourage all patients to engage in physical activity alongside their treatment programs. If you are suffering from addiction and don’t know where to turn, Banyan Treatment Center is here to help you heal and recover.


Our partial hospitalization program allows patients to grow through recovery and live a healthy and sober lifestyle. Contact us today at 888-280-4763 for more information on how to get started.

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