Banyan Treatment Center’s Faith in Recovery Program Spreads Hope and Healing During the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Reaching an All-Time High

Banyan Treatment Center’s Faith in Recovery Program Spreads Hope and Healing During the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Reaching an All-Time High

Banyan Treatment Center’s Faith in Recovery Program Spreads Hope and Healing During the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Reaching an All-Time High

7/17/17 Pompano Beach, FL- With the opiate overdose epidemic at an all-time high, Faith in Recovery is a source of hope, education and guidance to all seeking help for addiction and recovery. Incepted in November 2015, Faith in Recovery is a Christ centered, faith-based recovery and co-occurring disorder program that uses a non-denominational approach to addiction treatment. This program is designed to allow clients to establish their faith and relationship with God while also addressing their addiction. The program integrates clinical therapies and faith based ideas into customized programming. Faith in Recovery is an all-inclusive, separate program, and not merely just a “track” as most other treatment facilities. Most similar type of programs (faith-based treatment tracks) consist only of a Bible study and a weekly off-site church service. Faith in Recovery is a completely comprehensive Christian-based treatment program. Every aspect of the drug and alcohol addiction recovery program revolves around the Christian principles and is God-centered.

The program includes five group therapy sessions per day, 25 hours each week. There is an additional 13 hours of evening events which include Celebrate Recovery Series, “God and Alcoholics” meetings and Calvary Chapel‟s service. Clients come from various backgrounds including Atheists, Agnostic, Judaism, Catholic, those who grew up Christian and fell away, those with no faith affiliation, and those coming out of the occult. The environment is non-judgmental or condemning in nature.

Anthony Acampora is Faith in Recovery’s Director and is an Ordained Minister and published Christian Author. His experience includes Chaplain Community Liaison, Director of Ministries, Spiritual Growth Consultant, and Biblical Counselor. Anthony has a heart for those who suffer with mental illness, addiction and the broken in spirit. Anthony says, “What I am able to achieve with our clients gives me fulfillment because I can pull from my experience every day and teach people about God. Then the light goes on and they start to get it and then they begin to share what God has done for them with others. You can truly turn your “mess” into a “message”. The program integrates both clinical and faith based therapies. Having this combination of both is important. We are creating a genuine transformation of the heart, not just behavioral.”

The program has anywhere from 15-28 clients at a time ranging from ages 20-28 as well as more mature clients. Acampora adds, “Julie Woodley is a nationally known trauma expert.

She leads our exclusive trauma program called In the Wildflowers, where she does incredible trauma work through a spiritual approach.”

Banyan’s Faith in Recovery program is growing in the community at a time where it is needed the most. With five locations across the country, Banyan Treatment Center stands as a leader in providing growth through recovery by offering their clients all levels of care which include detox, residential, partial hospitalization programming, stabilization, intensive outpatient services, and alumni programming. Along with Banyan‟s Faith In Recovery Program, there are many other specialized programming that Banyan Treatment Center offers to clients. These unique programs are alternatives to the traditional 12-step approach and this ensures that clients have a truly customized addiction care plan.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay knows all too well the devastating affects of this opioid epidemic. Overdose rates are up 27% in the first five months of 2017 compared to first five months of 2016. McKinlay says, “We are projected to exceed the 592 deaths we had in 2016. Although we are making progress in shutting down bad sober homes and the County started the pilot project and is looking to fund up to $3 million in next 18 months, we are a long way from success.” She is tasked with helping Florida communities deal with the opioid epidemic, in which Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in May 2017. McKinlay along with the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office are committed to finding solutions to eradicate drug use and illegal operations in the treatment community.

Acampora says, “We often hear about the sad stories, but through faith, we can help anyone willing to start over and make the decision to get better. There are many successful stories and they started right here.”


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