Banyan Launches New Initiative


At Banyan Treatment Center our main goal is to provide growth through recovery for all of our clients.

We want to encourage clients to become the best version of themselves, and what better way to do that than purge all the bad habits from your lifestyle?

Introducing Banyan’s 30 Day Challenge: A Quit Smoking Initiative.

We want to challenge our clients to become a better person. The idea behind this challenge is to quit smoking at the same time they are kicking all the other bad habits. When clients successfully complete the 30-day challenge, they receive an awesome t-shirt that will remind them that they were able to overcome smoking, in style.

We all have been told numerous times that smoking is bad, how it affects your health, and reasons why you shouldn’t continue with this detrimental habit. Smoking leads to disease, disability and harms nearly every organ in the body.

Just as we see with drug and alcohol use, when you quit smoking your quality of life will do nothing but increase. The more time without smoking, the more healthy the human body becomes.

If you or a loved one wants to learn more about Banyan’s customized treatment programs or more about our Quit Smoking Initiative, call us now: (888) 290-4763.

Alyssa is Banyan’s Director of Digital Marketing & Technology. After overcoming her own struggles with addiction, she began working in the treatment field in 2012. She graduated from Palm Beach State College in 2016 with additional education in Salesforce University programs. A part of the Banyan team since 2016, Alyssa brings over 5 years of experience in the addiction treatment field.

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