Life in the Rear View Mirror


 If you're going through recovery for an addiction, it's easy to feel alone.

You're attempting to make a major change in your life and you're faced with fear. Fear about staying sober, about the future, and often, about the past. But don't let your past haunt your future. Instead, create a new life full of positive relationships and experiences.

If you've entered a drug treatment program, you've likely left behind your family and close friends. That can be a very scary experience, especially if it's your first time attempting to get sober. You may even have to say a permanent goodbye to some of those friends that you left behind because they condoned your substance abuse. Instead of getting caught up in anxious and sad feelings about those relationships, try to focus on how you will rebuild them when you are home again, living a sober lifestyle.

Perhaps your family urged you to get treatment. Maybe they gave you an ultimatum and told you they would no longer support you or be involved with you if you didn't get clean. You may deal with that by becoming angry and thinking they don't love you anymore, but that is certainly not the case. They gave you that ultimatum because they care about you and want you to lead a long, fulfilling life. Rather than let their actions stress you out, think of ways to mend relationships you may have broken while using.

Treatment is going to be difficult. Going through detox will surely test your physical body, while the treatment in general will challenge your mind and spirit. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, tell yourself you're going to fight through the pain to make it to sobriety. Therapy may bring up some incredibly tough subjects. Sometimes these are issues you've never talked to anyone about, ever. Your closest friend, parents, or significant other may have no idea what you've been through. Now is your chance to discuss this with a supportive group of people who actually understand you. You can trust that you're in a judgement-free zone, and that no one is there to hurt you. Take the help you've been offered, and learn how your addiction manifested into itself. This is crucial to your recovery.

Make sure you trust the treatment center that they have your best interests in mind. They want you to recover just as much as you do, and they'll do whatever they can to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice when you're feeling stuck. Prove to yourself you can be a healthy, sober person who maintains a productive life full of strong relationships. Commit yourself to reaching sobriety and any other goals you've left behind.  Look ahead to the future instead of at the past in your personal rear view mirror.

If you have questions or concerns about getting sober or recovery in general, please contact our professional staff for advice and information. We're happy to help your during your personal journey to recovery.

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