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5 Reasons Why Being Sober is Awesome


It’s not easy being the sober one among your friends when there’s a celebration happening and it can be awkward to explain yourself to people who don’t have any experience with addiction.

There is a tendency to let this kind of alienation get you down while in recovery and it can slowly eat away at your resolve, threatening your sobriety as it does.  But despite the misunderstandings of others, your recovery is the most important thing you can do for yourself in this life. And let’s face it, being sober is awesome. Once you’ve been down the road of substance abuse, you can’t ever look at it the same again. When you’re feeling low, remember these 5 things and keep on rocking the clean and clear lifestyle!

1 - Being Healthy Feels Good

The drunks at the party may seem like they’re having a blast and damn those people who can mow down a whole pizza and not think twice.  It seems like you’re missing out, but keep in mind the repercussions of substance abuse and binge behavior. The wear and tear on the body builds up over time and makes people sullen and grumpy, whether they realize it or not. Being clean and clear-headed feels amazing and you would never trade your renewed health and mindfulness for a bender rolling around on the floor.

2 - You have MONEY!

The amount of money you spend on your substance habits are absurd when you stop to count it all up.  Cigarettes and alcohol are heavily taxed and highly priced and illegal narcotics are subject to black market prices that are never friendly to the end-user. When not using drugs all the time, you have more money to spend on things you want like new clothes and good food. Your drunk friends can’t say the same.

3 - Friends and Family

Addiction is well known for destroying relationships and tearing families apart. You can’t blame our loved ones for holding us at arm’s length after all the chaos we caused with our behavior.  But now that you’re clean and sober, you can have honest and open relationships with the people you love and slowly, over time, you’ll be blessed with a close knit group of people who love and trust you as much as you do them. That’s worth every painful moment of recovery.

4 - Life’s Little Moments

When we’re caught up in our own selfish addictions, we don’t notice anything good about the world. We only focus on our immediate (chemical) needs. However, the first thing recovered addicts will tell you is how much the little things make them happy.  The smell of fresh flowers, the taste of good cooking, the happiness in a baby’s laugh. All the beautiful things about a good life that go unnoticed during addiction are now brighter and fuller. It’s awesome to be clear and present enough in life to appreciate these things and feel the most amazing feeling of all; gratitude.

5 - Now You See

It’s hard to describe the irreplaceable value in a changed and matured perspective.  Getting through recovery forces you to grow up, mature, and see the world differently. This perspective is often much wiser than before and offers you a great insight into people and the world, which often brings peace to the troubled souls we once wrestled with. Remember when you’re tempted to wild out with old party friends that you’ve grown past them in many ways and see the world in a new light.  

This is not something that can be handed out, it must be earned through trials, hardship, and growth.

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