5 Reasons to Date Someone Who is Also in Recovery

5 Reasons to Date Someone Who is Also in Recovery

In most cases, opposites attract. Or so the saying goes.  Sometimes it makes for a stronger relationship if you have things in common though. Being able to understand where the other person is coming from goes a long way to keeping the arguments and resentments at bay. Especially when you’re on the same page about the major things—like financial decisions, opinions on child rearing, and sobriety.

For men and women in recovery, being around people or places associated with substance use increases the likelihood of relapse. Temptation is always around the next corner. So, it’s not surprising that those looking to clean up and create a life free of addiction gravitate toward one another. When both of you are committed to living a sober lifestyle, getting through each day is a heck of a lot easier.

Here are some reasons why . . .


1 – Kissing someone with the rancid odor of alcohol on their breath is a turn OFF. No alcohol, no bad breath. Problem solved.  Same goes for smoking and other odorous drugs.

2 – Don’t want to be the odd man out because you don’t have a drink in your hand? If your partner is on the same page, then you can raise your Shirley Temples, O’Douls, or Neat Gingerales to each other and toast your will power.

3 – Having to be accountable to someone for holding up your end of the sober bargain will make you more determined to stay the course and get to your program meetings. Word of caution; don’t become self-reliant solely on one another. When you start closing yourself off, this opens the door for old habits to sneak back in.

4 – You’re both recovering addicts; this information is fully disclosed and out on the table. So you understand there will be good days and bad, but you also know that there is a plan of action for dealing with those horrific days that does not include hiding in a bottle.

5 – No relationship is a walk in the park every day of the year. Eventually there will be hiccups. Knowing that your partner has support apart from you will give peace of mind and the room in your head to sort you, without worrying how they may be dealing.  


Dating is difficult, especially when you’re dealing with addiction recovery.  Finding someone who understands may be the trick to making it easier to bear.

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