A New Dating App for Sober People

A New Dating App for Sober People

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Many people use apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Grindr to find romantic relationships or make new friends. However, when you’re sober, things can be a little more complicated. As a person in recovery, the last thing you want is to make a new friend who encourages you to relapse.

On the other hand, meeting new sober people who are just like you can provide another level of support, and even the chance for a lifelong connection.

Luckily, one 21-year-old San Francisco man has developed an app for just this purpose. If you’re hoping to meet other sober people, look no further because a new app allows sober people to meet and connect. The app is appropriately named, “Sober,” and draws features from other popular platforms, such as Facebook and Tinder.

A new app allows people in recovery to find, meet, and date each other.New App Connects People in Recovery

Antoine Nauleau is the founder of the new app which launched in February. Nauleau himself struggled with addiction in his teenage years and saw first hand the problems people in recovery face when trying to connect to other people in recovery. Creating an app specifically for sober people came as a natural solution to Nauleau, who comes from a family with a background in technology.

What’s perhaps the app’s most prominent feature is a dating program that functions in a way similar to Tinder. You can “swipe right to like and left to pass” on other users’ profiles Sober’s website says.

Broad Features Allow More than Just Romance

Nauleau, however, has stated that Sober is about more than just dating. The app contains features designed to connect sober people in diverse ways. You can even meet people who have been sober long term, or find a sponsor. In a way, the app brings together the most prominent features in the other major social networks, but with the caveat that sobriety is central to the community values.

The app is not, however, restricted to people belonging to any particular group or treatment program. As a free and open app, anyone can log on to meet people.

Getting Help In the Time of Need

Sober has partnered with doctors, hospitals, addiction treatment centers, and other resources to offer a “Help” feature which connects users to treatment. A hotline function allows users to call when they are distressed or considering using. Nauleau says at this point the hotline function is run by the company, and it’s possible you will even get Nauleau himself on the phone depending on when you call the hotline.

Connecting with other sober people has become much easier with the advent of social networks. However, getting sober is still best accomplished with professional treatment. Call Banyan Treatment Center today to hear about how you can get sober and healthy.

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