New Designer Drug Claims Young Lives

New Designer Drug Claims Young Lives

A street drug known as “25I-NBOMe” recently sent four Pennsylvania teenagers to the emergency room.

This synthetic drug which goes by the street names 25I, Smiles, Dots, and Solaris, among others, works in the body in a similar way to LSD. 25I-NBOMe was first synthesized in 2003, but it wasn’t used recreationally until 2010. In the last five years, it has been associated with 14 drug deaths in the United States.

Since the drug was designed to mimic LSD, it provides many of the same effects as the classic psychedelic drugs. Some consider it to have more negative and unpleasant effects than LSD. However, because the drug is cheaper than LSD and often sold in similar “blotter sheets,” it is sometimes passed off as LSD by drug dealers looking to make a profit. Users don’t always know that they are taking the drug instead of LSD.

New Designer Drug Sends Teens to HospitalWhat’s the Difference Between Designer and Synthetic Drugs?

The terms “designer drugs” and “synthetic drugs” are sometimes thrown around interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. A synthetic drug is any drug that is produced in a laboratory as opposed to being produced naturally. On the other hand, a designer drug is created to mimic the physical and psychological effects of a chosen drug, without copying the exact chemical structure. This tactic is advantageous for two reasons:

  1. Chemical structures are often outlawed by the federal government. By changing the structure, you can avoid breaking the law.
  2. Some chemical structures are more difficult or expensive to produce. By designing a new structure, chemists can cut production costs.


Simply put: all designer drugs are synthetic drugs, but not all synthetic drugs are designer drugs.

The Dangers Designer Drugs Pose to Young People

Parents should educate their children about the dangers of 25I and other designer drugs, as teens are more likely to come in contact with them than ever before. The supplies for these drugs have grown, and many teens believe that because the drugs are “legal,” they must be safe.

The drug group known as “bath salts” is one of the most famous examples of a designer drug. Bath salts and other designer drugs, including synthetic marijuana, can be purchased at gas stations and head shops.

Keep Kids Away From Designer Drugs with Florida Rehab

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