Alcoholism—The Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Alcoholism—The Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

alcoholism-the myths you shouldn't believe

Don’t Believe These Myths About Alcoholism

What can I learn about the reality of alcoholism? Even today, thousands of people have misconceptions about what alcoholism really is. Because it isn’t a “hard drug” like many other addictive substances such as cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs, many people don’t take alcoholism as seriously. Many people even still refuse to consider it an actual “addiction,” but rather simply a lack of willpower on the part of the person struggling with alcohol. Imagine how many people have been discouraged from seeking the help they need for alcohol addiction recovery because they were told that all they needed was willpower?

Alcohol MythsLearning the Truth About Alcohol Addiction

How do I find out more about Alcoholism? In the 20th century, attitudes toward alcoholism largely centered around a religious and moral argument: that excessive use of alcohol was sinning, or the influence of the devil. As a result, alcoholics were shamed and looked down upon by society. This kind of shaming has caused many cases of alcoholism over the years to go untreated. One of the first alcohol rehab programs to treat alcoholism like a disease was A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous). This revolutionary program has forever changed the way alcohol abuse is treated and has helped millions get clean since its inception in 1935. Read more about the fascinating history of A.A. and a staged play about it.

From Alcohol Addiction to Rehab Recovery

What should I look for in a good alcohol rehab program? Much of the success of A.A. has to do with its innovative group approach. This support group factor and the 12 step program combine to be the tenets of a quality alcohol recovery program. Every great rehab center still applies these principles to get you free of alcohol with a group support system. So often things are easier to do together, and alcohol recovery is no exception. Click here to find an effective alcohol treatment program.

Saying No to Alcohol is Saying Yes to Life

Where can I find an alcohol rehab center that fits my specific needs? At Banyan Treatment Center, the group support system is at the heart of our alcohol recovery program. And what better place to recover than in the peace and quiet of the Florida coast? Don’t waste another day putting off your recovery and suffering from addiction. Click here to begin your new life of freedom.

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